A full-service consultant, he offers experience and direction to companies, medical practices, and individual clients.  They include industries from service, healthcare, food service, manufacturing, retail, and many more.  His assistance is used in businesses from start-ups, to growing, to mature companies, and acquisitions to selling a business.  He can provide helpful experience in many disciplines from Executive Management, Marketing, Financial, Procurement, HR, and Social Media.  He has spent time in establishing office procedures and assistance to owners and managers during transitions.  He works to provide businesses opportunities to grow revenues while reducing expenses.  He uses a personally developed formula called the “The 1% Difference.”

Prior to consulting Jeff started and grew a medical services company for 15+ years.  In a 7-year period, the business grew revenues 375% with operating costs growing only 75%.  He had direct responsibility for investor relations, 7 employees, profit and loss, marketing, management, and long term direction.

Prior to this he spent 11+ years with a Fortune 500 company.  He had continuously growing responsibilities at both the largest manufacturing plant and at the home office in Wilmington, DE during a period of rapid growth.  Revenues for the Plant exceeded $600 million and employees grew from 1,800 to over 6,000.  The Aerospace Company at corporate headquarters grew to over $1.2 billion in revenues and provided 2/3rds of corporate profits during his time there.  Areas of experience included Financial Analysis and Forecasting, Business and Strategic Planning, Contract Administration, Sr. Financial Analyst, Space Program Office Specialist, and Supplier Development and Performance Supervisor.

Jeff has a Business Degree from Brigham Young University Marriott School of Management.