Counseling Services

USBDC’s passion is to strengthen Utah Business in order to improve the quality of life of Utah business people by the success and prosperity of new and existing business endeavors. In addition to Business Plan counseling, Loan package assistance, Marketing analysis, and Feasibility studies, we have access to excellent training programs, seminars and classes.

They also need the right support from someone they can trust to give them sound advice and point them in the right direction. The Small Business Development Center can provide this support.

  1. Consultations with beginning businesses such as developing a business plan, registering a legal entity, formatting a marketing strategy, training on profit loss statements and financial documents.

  2. Consultations with existing businesses having problems managing their business (especially nascent and early stage businesses):

    • Accounting

    • Marketing

    • Research

    • Business Plans, incl. cash flow

    • Budgets

    • Management and Operations

  3. Consultations for those whose business is ready for expansion and growth, and is now in need of capital, whether debt or equity.

    • General knowledge of loan programs (including guarantees)

    • Clear knowledge of how to help develop a business plan

    • Clear knowledge of the process of applying for credit and gaining approval for loans

  4. Providing entrepreneur training in ways our clients can use, including specialized training in management, HR, accounting & bookkeeping, strategic planning, business software, etc.

  5. Consultations with minorities and the disadvantaged who are interested in small business or have a small business and need help.

  6. Use of technology to fulfill client support needs and service delivery, while having the highest quality face time for clients.

  7. Actively participating in the development of each community served, by being an active participant in the chamber and local and state economic development efforts.

  8. Consultations on the feasibility of new business ideas:

    • One-on-one consultations

    • Specialized knowledge as needed to satisfy unusual requests

    • Online feasibility consultations available

  9. Certified Business Evaluations

  10. Business Loan Package preparation help